How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk

How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk

How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk

How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk. It should hold up to anything, including the odd drip of. Also planning on adding a piano keyboard tray (will be using a.

How To Finish Butcher Block For DeskHow To Finish Butcher Block For Desk
Guide To A Diy Butcher Block Desk In Minutes – Hardwood Reflections from

I'm going to show you how i finished a butcher block countertop to be used as a desktop. Need help for finishing butcher block desk. If you are going to stain it or use a walnut watco finish you should first use a wood conditioner.

Lay Down A Few Strips Of Painter’s Tape To Avoid Marks Left By The Base Plate Of The Saw Or Any Other Tools You May Use.

Apply mineral spirits to the top and allow to dry. Cut out for any structures in the way if wall mounting. Oil based stain with a thick gel like consistency helps enhance the beauty of the wood.

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@Drzaius I Already Purchased And Cut The Wood So I Must Go Down The Birch Path, But Thanks For The Suggestion.its Going To Be A Pretty Large Corner Desk With 3 Pieces, The Wings Are 6'X2.5' And The Middle Is 3'X2.5'.

Apply next coat if desired, etc. I need to finish and seal it, but i want to keep the wood color light and cool. You will need 1 quart polyurethane to seal 300 square feet of countertop with 3 coats.

Finishing Butcher Block For A Desk.

Apply first coat of finish and wipe off excess. It would definitely look better with some sort of finish, but if you wanted to put a finish on it later, you could sand the top if there was any sort of damage. I don't want it to get.

Finishing Butcher Block For A Desk.

Choose the size (length and width) 3. Materials and tools to seal butcher block countertop. Just did this for my setup.

Refer To Manufacturer For Dry Times And Number Of Coats.

Also to keep in mind, i'm cutting the butcher block so the main desktop is 55×25, while also cutting out a 36×10 desk shelf with the extra wood i'll have, screwing in diagonal ikea capita stainless steel legs to hold it. Choose your wood species and finish. Wipe it on and let it sink in, then wipe it down;

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