How To Create Content Better Than Your Competitors?

In this era of digital marketing, content is undoubtedly the king! The words you use to describe your product is what leaves a lasting impact on the minds of the customers.

 Right from your website to the content used for advertisements, the words are what make the difference. 

If we talk in terms of economics, in this monopolistic market structure, all the products are the same yet different. Advertisement expenditure is what makes a company stand out!
Now the question which arises is how to make this difference? 

How to create content that can have a long lasting impression on the minds of the consumers?

 And most importantly, how to create content better than your competitors?
If you are new in the digital marketing world you may consult a good digital marketing services provider in India who can help you not just with creating better content but with other digital marketing aspects like SEO, social media outreach etc.

The answer to all these “wh” questions lies below. Read on to find whats the best way to create content to beat your competitors.

1.    Do content marketing that actually adds value:

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In today’s world of neck to neck competition, every business is indulging in content marketing. But do you think all of them are doing it right? The answer is a big fat “NO”.

Many businesses have still not understood the power of words and are treating this as an obligation.  

This makes the content they post mostly irrelevant. So here comes the first strategy for beating your competitors: create and post content that actually adds value to your brand name.

 Randomly posting anything, without a specific target, is not content marketing. There are hundreds of business in the same industry but what your content should show us is how you are better than them. 

A well-targeted content  marketing plan will help you to build your business. The focus of your content should be to present to your consumers the reasons why your business is better than them. 

Do a quick analysis of your consumer’s needs and if your product meets their expectations, then all you need to do is sell it to them effectively. 

And trust us, there is no better tool than powerful content which can make all the difference!

2.    Use customer relationship management system (CRM):

What is the use of the product if the target market is dissatisfied with it?
 And how do you know that they are dissatisfied if you are not engaging in regular conversations with your buyers? 

Here is the problem CRM comes to solve! This hi-fi technological tool helps you track all the conversations the customers have with the marketing teams or via social media.

 By getting all this data compiled at one place you can know what the customer’s expectations are from the brand. 

There is no better way to improve than to work on the feedback of your consumers. If you send apologizing emails to customers, or if your advertisements are able to tell the consumer that you have changed because the customer wanted to, it will definitely make your buyers feel privileged.

 If your content can make your buyers happy, you don’t have to worry about your competitors at all! 

3.    Define key points of difference:

It would be easier to explain this point using a simple example. Let us take the example of Colgate and Patanjali. 
These are two competing businesses in the toothpaste industry. 

The thing to notice in all their advertisements is that they don’t leave by saying that we are better so by us, but they prove their point by comparing themselves with the competitor’s brand and defining their key points of difference. 

This is what makes the consumers attracted to them. To beat your competitor you need to define your strengths in terms of their weaknesses. This will make you stand strong in the eyes of the customers.

 This is all that is important. If you have a high reputation in the eyes of your shoppers, half your work is done! Also, this kind of content should be precise.  Nobody likes to read big paragraphs as to why they should prefer one over the other. 
Bullet points are always preferred over long never ending paragraphs.
 Use of infographics is even better. Make your point short and sweet! 

4.    Choose the right platform:

If you have created the right content but not publicized it well, then sorry my friend, your hard work was in vain! It is important that you choose the right content marketing platform for your business. This could be done by analysis and survey of the target groups. 

This would help you get a fair idea about your customers. Knowledge about the consumers, their needs, backgrounds, expectations, is what makes one business ahead of the other.

 If you know the platform which your customers use often, then your content should be marketed there. 

You should know where you need to present your points to the buyers in a manner that they would want it to be presented. 

It is important that you invest your time and resources at those platforms where your target group spends the most time. 

 This would help you create a meaningful impact on your buyers and would make your competitor all jealous of your growing popularity. 

5.    Use proper content making strategies:

There often comes a time that users will be sceptical about your content & marketing strategies or simply won’t like it and may post ugly and abusive on your comments on your posts, but as a brand, you must know how to respond to negative comments on your content you can’t take the risk of replying to unnecessary trolling and mean statements.

Nowadays among a deluge of content writers and writing agencies who promise stars, it becomes difficult to choose the right one who would actually be useful for the business. What makes the difference is the content strategies used. 

Some of the common tips which are given are:

  1.     Use of attractive titles
  2.     More graphical, the better
  3.     Use of relevant data charts
  4.     Presenting only precise information
  5.     Maintain a properly structured layout      of the content

If these strategies are followed by your content writer then you will surely be able to beat your competitors. 

These are tested techniques and have shown impacts. What your task is to choose a content writer who could follow these and still be innovative enough to make your brand stand out in the crowd! Innovation is the key to good content. 

Ask yourself, would you open a blog with a boring title like 5 ways to do something or with some title like ways to do things like never before? Every word makes an impact. 

Use of researched keywords is also very important.

6.    Use a language that is easy to understand:

It is quite common that we open websites and ultimately shut them down because we are not able to understand a word they say. 
What is the point of such hi-fi use of language when the purpose is not being fulfilled? The language used in your web content should be lucid and interpretable by everyone and not just vocab lovers. 

If the words you have used have not been able to touch the hearts of your customers or create a positive change of mind for your prospective buyers, then sorry, you have failed miserably! If you want to overpower your competitor, then you should be able to tell your buyers why they should choose you.

And if you choose to tell this to them in a language that they don’t even understand, then what is the point? Even if your competitor’s product is some points better than yours but you are able to market your product well, then you will definitely defeat them in the race. 

Use the right words based on your target audience’s interests, and it will make an impact!
Some businesses are still not able to understand the fact that with the progressing time, it's time for them as well to modify their age-old blogs. And those who understand this, don’t know how to do it. 

The problems are huge, but the solutions are quite simple. If you don’t want your competitor to capture your market share then you need to act as the time demands you to act. 
Investing in good content should never be a problem.

Content marketing has an unlimited scope. It depends on how you would want to use it. If you are able to use it the right way, then there is no chance that your competitors can supersede. 

All you need to do is to analyze your company and your target customers well. If this simple step is done right, you will be able to create meaningful content for your customers and this is the strategy you need to follow while going for expansion as well. 

Every word you use is important and hence should be used carefully. Superfluous words are not what would help you defeat your competitor. 
The right content at the right platform at the right time will determine your road to success. 

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